Easy Zipper Pull Cord Grip set of 3

See how easy it is to use, we have added a grey zipper pull cord on a bag for you to see it in action.

Our zipper pull cord can be added to clothing to help zip up clothing.

$5.00 for a pkt of 3 in either black or grey
Elastic cord with no-slip grip easy to use and require only one finger pull action for those finding it difficult to use there fingers. Simple and practical, can loop it on zipper end, enables you pull up more smoothly Multifunctional, for clothing, bags, purses, camping tents, sleeping bags, luggage, suitcase, backpacks, bags and so on Durable and easy to use for garment, sportswear, when sewing for the kids or as a replacement if the zipper end has broken.
set of 3 in Black or Grey with free postage.

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