Fashion Jewellery

Decorative dangling circle shaped felt back costume earrings that are light to wear and fun adding a little bit of sparkle to your day. These sweet earrings are handmade with love using an easy hook attachment for pierced ears. Available in red, silver sparkle and hot pink sparkle.


Magnetic Jewellery Clasp

5 pieces for $9.95

10 pieces for $17.95


Never struggle again to open or close a clasp on a necklace or bracelet with the easy to close magnetic clasp. This clasp can be very helpful for people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel or any other hand or finger disability. It is also great for those who have trouble attaching small jewellery clasps. Just bring the ends near, and they click together every time, creating a super-magnetic bond.

The clasps are brass with gold or silver tone and have a beautiful and shiny appearance that keeps your jewellery looking brilliant. They measure
4 cm long x 0.6 cm wide.

Animal Print Large Face Watch


This is a 'slap band'  just pop  on your wrist with a quick flick they SLAP ON your wrist in a second.
Battery Analogue movement Quartz


Kids Time Teacher Watch


This watch helps children lean how to tell time 
  • minutes marked as they are spoken
  • to and past words displayed
  • second hand in red
  • crayon hands for fun
  • coloured ring enhances reading


ULSE brand. Silver alloy case with stainless steel case back. PU leather band with alloy silver buckle. Dial markings show the minutes to and 

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